Friday, July 13, 2012

Popping down to the Boulangerie

With my model cars, most of the time I amuse myself by turning them into dioramas in Photoshop, but today I have something far more charming and infinitely simpler to show you. To create a diorama here, all I need to do is simply plonk a car of my choosing onto the cobblestone road and presto! Instant French street scene.

What could be more French than a Citroen 2CV stopping off for an armful
of baguettes? But this model wasn't sold with the 2CV (an Altaya model), it came
with something else, which is just as appropriate if not quite so well-known.
It came with this Peugeot 203 Paris taxi (model car by Solido). But this car
is not the original car that came with this diorama, either, it's a ring-in.
I think this is how it should have looked, with a Renault R4 doing the
shopping (this R4 is by Edicola). When I looked online for similar dioramas,
I found a dozen examples of this same dio, but each time with a different car
in place, sometimes with no car at all. But several e-Bay sellers describe it as
a 'Renault' or 'Renault R4' diorama, so that's what I suspect it was originally.
Of course any car could be plonked here and look OK, but I tried several and the smaller cars definitely look better. A big Citroen DS looked too big. But it being the Tour de France right now, I thought I'd finish off with something very appropriate, and totally unlikely.

It might have happened, maybe somewhere, once? A Peugeot 203
Tour de France support car (model by Norev) need baguettes, lots of them,
to keep the fans away as they crowd around on those awful hill climbs.


  1. Espectacular diorama; el local de venta de pan y el piso de adoquines le dan el aire necesarios para esa época.
    Muy bueno.

    Spectacular diorama; the local sale of bread and cobblestone floor give the air needed at that time.
    Very good.