Saturday, July 5, 2014

American beauty

I might seem like a "French car fan" but the truth is that description is far too narrrow. I love cars from every country, but I also love machinery in any form: motorbikes, planes, ships, trains, engines... there's really no limit at all, in fact.

And in the case of cars, I do like the look of some American cars, particularly those built prior to the 70s, which is the point at which I feel American car stylists seriously lost the plot for many years.

For me there are two examples of American muscle in particular that I have always loved, ever since I saw the first photos of them in car magazines in the 1960s. It's these two, and I am so glad I have a beautiful model of each, made in 1:43 scale by Spark.

'67 Oldsmobile Toronado on the left, '65 Buick Riviera on the right.
They just look so good together. If I was a zillionaire car collector
I would definitely need one of each. Couldn't buy just one without
the other. Both look predatory and powerful, yet sleek at the same
time. I'm thinking large cats like jaguars and leopards.

The colour is called Rose Metallic, and it glows.
This is called Metallic Green, and it sparkles.
I often wonder what it'd be like to wrestle this big front-wheel-
drive baby around at speed, but it sure looks fast standing still.
These are both high quality resin models, not cheap to buy (on eBay the traders ask around $80-$100 on a "Buy it Now" basis) but to me they are well worth it.

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