Monday, September 29, 2014

And now for something completely different...

Ships. Boats. Water craft. Call them what you will, I like the idea of a few model ships to give my study some visual variety. While rows of shiny little 1/43 scale cars in perspex cabinets look great, I've cleared a few bookshelves on the opposite side of the room, and slowly but surely it is filling with ships and aeroplanes. I have a tragic love of all things mechanical, and teaching myself not only to build model kits, but also to fashion fake water, fake buildings etc has become a very satisfying sideline. So here's the ships I have built so far.

This started out in life as a kit for a Russian
speedboat which operated during World War 2
on Russian lakes and rivers. It had a machine
gun and searchlights, but I had other plans for
it, and so it's a lairy speedboat on the Italian
lakes. I'm pleased with my fake wood finish to
the grey plastic of the boat, and the fake
water and wake turned out OK, too.

This is a Revell kit of the "Hawaiian Pilot", a Matson line
freighter of the 1950s.

And this is another Revell kit, of a Russian Spy fishing trawler.
Don't worry, this isn't morphing into a ship enthusiasts' site, although I do plan to post something about my planes a bit later on. Next time I get around to posting here, it'll be on the topic of the little 1/cars that I love to collect.

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