Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I have a major soft spot for all working vehicles, the unsung heroes that keep society ticking over while the flashier creations get all the attention. Of course taxis do have the allure of their various paint colour schemes, which are usually meant to make them stand out from the crowd on a busy street, and in that way they aren't always the height of good taste. They just stand out so customers can spot them easily. However, I will start with one little taxi which is as cute as a button in its own right.

Citroen 2CV taxi, model by Norev. Pure charm.
What a delightful weirdo! A Russian Vniite cab. Not sure how
many made it onto the streets, but it would be fun to cruise
around Moscow or St Petersburg in one.

Hindustan Ambassador, descendant of the Morris Oxford, the
Indian taxi the lads at Top Gear say is the greatest taxi in the
world. This neatly detailed model is by IXO.
Here's what I mean about paint schemes making the taxis
easy to spot in a crowded street. These are all Paris cabs.
Panhard Dyna X. Love the luggage.

Panhard Dyna Z. All it lacks is luggage!

Panhard Dynamique. I also have a "civilian" non-taxi model
of this car, and the taxi is by far the better looking thing.
Peugeot 203.
Peuget 403.
Citroen DS 19, the smoothest ride of all of them, I am sure.
Peugeot 404, one of my first little dioramas from way back.
Another old diorama of the Austin FX4 in London.
Ditto, an early dio of the New York Checker cab, driver hungry.
Casablanca cab, driver also hungry.
A Tuk Tuk, driver perhaps seeking religious solace.

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