Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunny cabriolets

Maybe it's Sydney's cool, windy winter weather right now that's to blame, but I just can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to be crusing along a boulevarde by the French Riviera in a lovely French cabriolet. And so while I can only do this in my dreams right now, I can at least also do it in my diecast dioramas.

Here we have an IXO model of a white Renault Floride in front, and a
Minichamps model of a Peugeot 404 cabriolet behind. Just off screen,
behind the photographer here, is an ice-cream stand which also sells
cool drinks such as the bikini girl is enjoying.

I thought I'd dust off a very early diorama I did more than a year ago,
when I was just teaching myself Photoshop, and it seems this elegant
Peugeot 404 cabriolet is also perfectly suited to picnics by tranquil lakes.
The partnership of Pininfarina's body styling flair and Peugeot's
conservatism has produced a lot of very desirable yet practical cars.

Maybe it's the cool, crisp whiteness of the Floride which implies ice-creams
in my mind, so I parked my model car there for an extra cool diorama.

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