Monday, September 3, 2012

Check out the slideshow

I've just spent the last half-hour figuring out how to set up a slideshow of all the dioramas I have done in Photoshop (96 so far, says Photobucket), starting with the relatively crude (or at least very simple) early ones, then slowly getting better as time has gone by, since I started back doing them back in late 2010.

The slideshow is at the bottom of the page, but to celebrate this minor improvement to the blog, here's my pick of the 10 dioramas which I am most pleased with, for one reason or another. They're in no particular order – picking the top 10 was hard enough!

Peugeot 403 at Phillip Island, 1960, my first 'action' shot.
Mythical arms summit at Gleneagles, Scotland, in 1969, with
Brezhnev and Nixon smiling for the cameras.

Citroen C4 World Rally Championship, Sebastien Loeb driving.

Holden FBs at a Golden Fleece Service Station in Sydney;
using my first colourised black and white background photo.

Jaguar Mark V, my old family car, at the cricket.

Citroen Type H Fruit and Vegetable van.

Fiat Abarth Record Car 1960, glimpsed through the trees
as it speeds around the banking at Monza.

Chrysler Valiant R series, with a Ford Falcon behind, in
a suburban fantasy about a new car owner's pride.

Borgward Traumwagen ('Dream Car') pictured in a scene
showing the future as it was imagined back in the 1950s.
Renault Floride and Peugeot 404 cabriolet somehwere on
the French Riviera.

So that's my top 10 so far. Hopefully the slideshow thing (see below this post) will work OK for you. I'd be interested to hear from you whether you agree with my top 10, or if something else appeals a bit more.

Big tip: the slideshow here on the blog only shows a small selection, so simply click on the bit saying "view all": this will take you to Photobucket and my albums there, and in there click on the "view as slideshow" and you can then enjoy the whole show as a nice presentation.


  1. Muy buenos dioramas, mis preferidos son los 3 de los Abarth de record en el banking de Monza. De esos, el que más me gusta es el del amarillo Fiat 500 de 1956.
    También el del ZIL en la Plaza Roja de Moscú.
    ¡Me gustan todos!

    Very good dioramas, my favorites are the 3 of the Abarth record Monza banking. Of these, what I like most is the yellow Fiat 500 in 1956.
    Also of the ZIL in the red square in Moscow.
    I like all!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, Juanh. I too like the Zil in Moscow a lot, and the Monza banking ones took a lot of time to get them right, so I am glad someone likes them so much!